SCIRP's Open Access Publication Fund (SOAPF) supports authors from Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Date: 2015-03-05

SCIRP offers extremely generous APC reductions to support authors from Low- and Middle-Income Countries. This scheme is free of any bureaucratic or administrative barriers. To give this scheme a name and to refer to it in an easy way, SCIRP's APC reduction scheme is called SCIRP's Open Access Publishing Fund (SOAPF). In fact SCIRP is subsidizing authors by giving money back to them if compared to the amount of SCIRP's regular APC.

Usually the first author of the paper will also be the corresponding author. SCIRP will just look at the country of origin of this author and will initiate the online invoice accordingly. In case the first author and the corresponding author differ, APC reductions are determined for each author's country of origin and the least favorable APC reduction is used. This is to protect SCIRP from possible unfair exploitation of SOAPF.