Research Progress on Nanostructured Radar Absorbing Materials
Yanmin Wang, Tingxi Li, Lifen Zhao, Zuwang Hu, Yijie Gu
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Nanostructured radar absorbing materials (RAMs) have received steadily growing interest because of their fascinating properties and various applications compared with the bulk or microsized counterparts. The increased surface area, number of dangling bond atoms and unsaturated co-ordination on surface lead to interface polarization, multiple scatter and absorbing more microwave. In this paper, four types of nanostructured RAMs were concisely introduced as follows: nanocrystal RAMs, core-shell nanocomposite RAMs, nanocomposite of MWCNT and inorganic materials RAMs, nanocomposite of nanostructured carbon and polymer RAMs. Their microwave properties were described in detail by taking various materials as examples

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Wang, Y. , Li, T. , Zhao, L. , Hu, Z. and Gu, Y. (2011) Research Progress on Nanostructured Radar Absorbing Materials. Energy and Power Engineering, 3, 580-584. doi: 10.4236/epe.2011.34072.

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