Performance-Economic and Energy Loss Analysis of 80 KWp Grid Connected Roof Top Transformer Less Photovoltaic Power Plant


In India most part receives 4 - 7 kWh of solar radiation per square meter per day with 200 - 250 sunny days in a year. Tamilnadu state also receives the highest annual radiation in India. In this paper, the grid connected photovoltaic plant has a peak power of 80 KWp supplies electricity requirement of GRT IET campus during day time (7 hrs) and reduces load demand and generates useful data for future implementation of such PV plant projects in the Tamilnadu region. Photovoltaic plant was installed in April 2015, monitored during 6 months, and the performance ratio and the various power losses (power electronics, temperature, soiling, internal, network, grid availability and interconnection) were calculated. The PV plant supplied 64,182.86 KWh to the grid from April to September 2015, ranging from 11,510.900 to 10,200.9 kWh. The final yield ranged from 143.886 (h/d) to 127.51 (y/d), reference yield ranged from 201.6 (h/d) to 155.31 (h/d) and performance ratio ranged from 71.3% to 82.1%, for a duration of six months, it had given a performance ratio of 83.82%, system efficiency was 4.16% and the capacity factor of GRT IET Campus for six months was 18.26%. Payback period in years = 9 years 4 months, energy saving per year = 204,400 KWh, cost reduction per year = 1,737,400, Indian rupee = 26,197.30 USD and total CO2 reductions per year = 102,200 tons CO2/year.

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Kumar, S. and Nagarajan, C. (2016) Performance-Economic and Energy Loss Analysis of 80 KWp Grid Connected Roof Top Transformer Less Photovoltaic Power Plant. Circuits and Systems, 7, 662-679. doi: 10.4236/cs.2016.76056.

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