Soil Database Management Software Development for Optimizing Land Resource Information Utilization to Support National Food Security
Rizatus Shofiyati, Saefoel Bachri
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Since land resource database development in 1987/1988, a large amount of digital data in spatial, tabular and metadata format has been collected and generated. There are some application softwares of soil database to manage such a large amount of data, i.e.: Side & Horizon (SHDE4), Soil Sample Analysis (SSA), and Land Unit in dbf file, while Site and Horizon is in DataEase formats. The database contains soil physics and chemical property data of each soil horizon from surface to effective soil depth, climate, land surface condi- tions, and other parameters required for soil classification. Currently, database management software for land resources is still based on DOS and is stand alone. The system is not efficient and effectively used as Agri- cultural Land Resource Information System. At present, as a key component of this system requires review and development of new database software is compatible with the development of information technology. This paper explains about development of interactive agricultural land resources information system for op- timizing land resources data utilization. Hopefully, the software can give contributions in national Agricul- tural Land Resources System Information development for supporting food security.

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R. Shofiyati and S. Bachri, "Soil Database Management Software Development for Optimizing Land Resource Information Utilization to Support National Food Security," Journal of Geographic Information System, Vol. 3 No. 3, 2011, pp. 211-216. doi: 10.4236/jgis.2011.33017.

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