Dynamic Response of Pultruded Glass-Graphite/Epoxy Hybrid Composites Subjected to Transverse High Strain-Rate Compression Loading


In a previous study, the energy absorption and dynamic response of different combinations of cylindrical fiber-reinforced pultruded hybrid composite samples made of unidirectional glass and graphite fiber/epoxy, were investigated under longitudinal compression loading. It was found that placing glass fibers in the inner core of composites resulted in a higher ultimate compressive strength and specific energy absorption. In this study, the dynamic responses of pultruded glass-graphite/epoxy hybrid specimens with rectangular cross-section subjected to transverse compression loading are reported. Crack initiation and propagation was monitored using a high-speed video camera, and the effects of hybridization were analyzed. It was found that the location of glass or graphite fibers inside the pultruded composites has no significant effect on the ultimate compressive strength under such transverse compression loading. The energy absorption in all the hybrid specimens was almost identical. Graphite/epoxy composite showed higher specific energy absorption due to its lower density, and glass/epoxy composite had the lowest specific energy absorption.

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Afrough, M. , Pandya, T. , Daryadel, S. and Mantena, P. (2015) Dynamic Response of Pultruded Glass-Graphite/Epoxy Hybrid Composites Subjected to Transverse High Strain-Rate Compression Loading. Materials Sciences and Applications, 6, 953-962. doi: 10.4236/msa.2015.611096.

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