System Restoration Tools: System Restoration Navigator Integrated into EPRI Operator Training Simulator (SRN/OTS)


System operators and planners develop and implement restoration plans based on off-line simulation studies, and accumulated experience and knowledge. One of the challenges in developing a restoration plan is to sift through numerous possible restoration scenarios and paths, in order to identify those that are technically feasible. When implementing a restoration plan in an on-line environment following a blackout, the operators need to adapt to the actual outage scenarios and available resources, and be constantly mindful of anticipated voltage and frequency excursions that must remain within system and equipment tolerances. In recognition of these challenges, EPRI has developed System Restoration Navigator (SRN), to provide decision support to system restoration planning and operations engineers in developing, evaluating and revising system restoration strategies, guidelines, plans and step-by-step procedures. During 2013-2014, EPRI developed SRN version 3.0, which is designed to facilitate its integration into a commercial operator training simulator (OTS) (AKA a dispatch training simulator, DTS). The integration of SRN 3.0 with an OTS allows operators to obtain experience in simulating, developing, experimenting with and revising system restoration plans, and to address related regulatory standards. The integration expands the usability of SRN 3.0 by providing the OTS platform for training purposes and for the purpose of interfacing SRN 3.0 with operational power system models to be able to explore near real time application of SRN 3.0. This 2013-2014 development work also included the integration of SRN 3.0 into EPRI OTS, and its application on the Florida Reliability Coordinating Council (FRCC) power system. A detailed account of development of SRN 3.0, its integration into EPRI OTS and its application to FRCC system is presented in this paper.

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Bhatt, N. , Liu, S. and Podmore, R. (2015) System Restoration Tools: System Restoration Navigator Integrated into EPRI Operator Training Simulator (SRN/OTS). Journal of Power and Energy Engineering, 3, 378-383. doi: 10.4236/jpee.2015.34051.

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