Position of Price in Determinants of Quality of Products (Case Study)


Price plays a significant role in product quality in today communities, and consumers may not be aware of the quality and characteristics of the products they buy, despite of presence of distinctive products. They often are not able to compare different brands in terms of the quality. Although many studies on price-quality relationship support this common belief, some other studies indicate that this relationship depends on the specific type of the product, and overall presence of such relationship is less probable. Current work aims at investigating the relationship between product price and purchaser perception of the quality in durable, less durable and non-durable products in Kish Island’s markets as a case study. Three selected products include: LED TV as a durable product, t-shirts as a semi-durable product, and toothpaste as a non-durable product. Research tool is a questionnaire and collected data are analyzed using SPSS V.19 software. Results of the research indicate that price is one of factors reflecting the quality. It was true about t-shirt more than two other products.

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Hoseinkhani, A. , Nazari, M. , Farzianpour, F. and Hosseini, S. (2015) Position of Price in Determinants of Quality of Products (Case Study). Journal of Service Science and Management, 8, 149-160. doi: 10.4236/jssm.2015.82018.

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