Slope Stability Analysis of Itakpe Iron Ore Mine, Itakpe, Nigeria


The slope stability of the Itakpe Iron Ore Mine has been carried out using computer software, ROCKPACK III. One hundred and twenty three dip and dip direction values were obtained using compass clinometer. The Itakpe Iron Ore Mine was divided into four benches; 241 - 258 m, 263 - 275 m, 276 - 286 m and 308 - 312 m. Joints along the discontinuities were mapped. The data obtained were analyzed using ROCKPACK III. The results indicate that the discontinuities within the critical zone are potentially unstable and can lead to planar failure. The Markland test carried out for wedge failure indicates that the intersection of the discontinuities does not fall within the critical zone hence there cannot be any wedge failure of the slope within the level 241 - 258 m. The presence of discontinuities that plot within the toppling critical zone indicates that there is potential toppling failure on the slope at the 276 - 286 m level. In addition, the toppling failure test shows the absence of discontinuities that plot within the toppling critical zone and this indicates the absence of poten-tial toppling failure of the slope at the 308 - 312 m level. The result of the study will be useful to the man-agement of the Itakpe iron ore mine in having a proper understanding of the failure mechanism of the slopes.

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R. Adebimpe, J. Akande and C. Arum, "Slope Stability Analysis of Itakpe Iron Ore Mine, Itakpe, Nigeria," Engineering, Vol. 3 No. 6, 2011, pp. 602-608. doi: 10.4236/eng.2011.36072.

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