Effect of Projectile Break-Up Threshold Energy on Incomplete Fusion at Energy ≈ 4 - 7 MeV/Nucleon


Complete and incomplete fusion cross sections have been measured for the 20Ne + 51V system to investigate the influence of projectile break-up at or above the barrier energies. The excitation function of the individual reaction channel measured using off-line γ-ray spectroscopy has been compared with those estimated theoretically using the statistical model code PACE4. A significant fraction of incomplete fusion has been found in the production of residues involving α-particle in the exit channel. In order to understand the energy dependence of incomplete fusion reactions, incomplete fusion fraction has been deduced, which has also been compared with the earlier data available for 12C and 16O projectiles to look for the projectile structure dependence.

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Ali, S. , Ahmad, T. , Kumar, K. , Rizvi, I. , Agarwal, A. , Ghugre, S. , Sinha, A. and Chaubey, A. (2014) Effect of Projectile Break-Up Threshold Energy on Incomplete Fusion at Energy ≈ 4 - 7 MeV/Nucleon. Journal of Modern Physics, 5, 2063-2074. doi: 10.4236/jmp.2014.518202.

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