A Target Tracking Algorithm Based on Improved Camshift and UKF


A tracking algorithm based on improved Camshift and UKF is proposed in this paper to deal with the problems which exist in traditional Camshift algorithm, such as artificial orientation and tracking failure under color interference as well as object’s changed illumination occlusion. Meanwhile, in order to solve the sheltered problem, the UKF is combined with improved Camshift algorithm to predict the position of the target effectively. Experiment results show that the proposed algorithm can avoid the interference of the background color and solve the sheltered problem of the object, so that achieving a precise and timely tracking of moving objects. Also it has better robustness to color noises and occlusion when the object’s scale changes and deformation occurs.

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Yan, Z. , Liang, W. and lv, H. (2014) A Target Tracking Algorithm Based on Improved Camshift and UKF. Journal of Software Engineering and Applications, 7, 1065-1073. doi: 10.4236/jsea.2014.713094.

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