Detailed Analysis of Micro-Grid Stability during Islanding Mode under Different Load Conditions
Rashad M. Kamel, A. Chaouachi, Ken Nagasaka
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Today, several types of DGs are connected together and formed a small power system called micro-grid (MG). MG is connected to the primary distribution network and usually operates in normal connecting mode. When a severe fault occurs in the primary distribution network, then the MG will transfer to islanding mode. In this paper a complete model is developed to simulate the dynamic performance of the MG during and subsequent to islanding process. The model contains of a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC), a single shaft micro turbine, a flywheel, two photovoltaic panels and a wind generator system. All these micro sources are con-nected to the MG through inverters except the wind generation system. The inverters are modeled with two control strategies. The first strategy is PQ control which the inverter will inject a certain active and reactive powers. This type of inverter is used to interface micro turbine, fuel cell and photovoltaic panels to the MG. The second strategy is Vf control. This model is used to interface flywheel will act as the reference bus (slack bus) for the MG when islanding occurs. Two cases are studied: the first case discusses the effect of islanding process on frequency, voltage and active power of all micro sources when the MG imports active and reactive power from the primary distribution network. The second studied case, also, shows the effect of islanding on the previous quantities particularly when the MG exports active and reactive power to the pri-mary distribution network. Results showed that the existence of storage device (flywheel) with appropriate control of its inverter can keep the frequency of the MG and the voltages of all buses within their limited levels. The developed model is built in Matlab® Simulink® environment.

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Kamel, R. , Chaouachi, A. and Nagasaka, K. (2011) Detailed Analysis of Micro-Grid Stability during Islanding Mode under Different Load Conditions. Engineering, 3, 508-516. doi: 10.4236/eng.2011.35059.

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