Development Strategy of Infrastructure Risk Assessment Based Disaster Response and Management System


Major infrastructures such as levee, dam, bridge, road, etc. have a significant meaning in that they are the means to support ordinary social and industrial activities and also protect human and physical assets at the occurrence of disaster. Especially, integrated risk management of SOC facilities provides the policy maker in charge of SOC facility safety and related disaster prevention with a reasonable means of decision making and ultimately contributes to improving the safety of the applicable SOC facility. Furthermore, a variety of issues raised in the Sewol ferry disaster that occurred recently in Korea, such as, a proper response method and the relevant Golden time decision making at the occurrence of disaster, rapid grasping and reporting the situation on disaster sites, management and mobilization of resources for rescue and recover, loss of integrated control tower function, etc., might occur as well in facility disaster management. As the method of solving such issues adequately, this study suggests a strategy of new disaster response and management system. The analyses of Hazus-MH (FEMA) and DIMSuS (Purdue University) were comprehensively conducted, and based on the results required functions of new disaster response system of major infrastructure and its development directions were suggested.

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Oh, E. , Kim, K. , Kim, K. , Kim, J. and Cho, J. (2014) Development Strategy of Infrastructure Risk Assessment Based Disaster Response and Management System. World Journal of Engineering and Technology, 2, 27-35. doi: 10.4236/wjet.2014.23B005.

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