Room Temperature and Reduced Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition of Silicon Carbide on Various Materials Surface


At room temperature, 300 K, silicon carbide film was formed using monomethylsilane gas on the reactive surface prepared using argon plasma. Entire process was performed at reduced pressure of 10 Pa in the argon plasma etcher, without a substrate transfer operation. By this process, the several-nanometer-thick amorphous thin film containing silicon-carbon bonds was obtained on various substrates, such as semiconductor silicon, aluminum and stainless steel. It is concluded that the room temperature silicon carbide thin film formation is possible even at significantly low pressure, when the substrate surface is reactive.

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Habuka, H. , Hirooka, A. , Shioda, K. and Tsuji, M. (2014) Room Temperature and Reduced Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition of Silicon Carbide on Various Materials Surface. Advances in Chemical Engineering and Science, 4, 389-395. doi: 10.4236/aces.2014.44042.

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