Bi-Directional Signal Transmission in EPR Correlation
Noboru Hokkyo
Senjikan Institute, Niigata, Japan.
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A solution of nonlocal EPR correlation between counter-propagating pair of polarization entangled photons emitted from a common source at S and detected at points P and Q is sought outside the EPR’s reality criterion of local causality but within the framework of time-symmetric quantum electrodynamics allowing the bi-directional signal transmission P  S Q on the double-light cone where the future and the past cones share common light paths connecting the photon source S and the detection points P and Q.

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Hokkyo, N. (2014) Bi-Directional Signal Transmission in EPR Correlation. Journal of Modern Physics, 5, 1340-1343. doi: 10.4236/jmp.2014.514134.

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