Microstructure-Property Relationship in Self-Crosslinked Non-Derivative Acetic Acid Lignin-Containing Polyurethane Membranes


With the assistance of different solvents, self-crosslinked acetic acid lignin-containing polyurethane (LPU) membranes were synthesized. Compared with tetrahydrofuran and dioxane, N, N-dimethylacetamide with stronger polarity together with higher boiling point was demonstrated to be beneficial for preparing LPU particles of smaller size and enhanced binding force. It was also found that lignin domain can interpenetrate into polyurethane domain well with 43.3% lignin addition, resulting in enhanced phase mixing and better performance. In addition, relative homogeneous and smooth LPU membrane can be obtained with 2% TMP addition, while stress crack took place when TMP content was greater than 3%.

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Liu, B. , Li, Z. and Wang, H. (2014) Microstructure-Property Relationship in Self-Crosslinked Non-Derivative Acetic Acid Lignin-Containing Polyurethane Membranes. Green and Sustainable Chemistry, 4, 162-174. doi: 10.4236/gsc.2014.43021.

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