Preparation of KOH/CaO/C Supported Biodiesel Catalyst and Application Process


KOH/CaO/C supported catalyst was prepared via incipient wetness impregnation and used in synthesis of biodiesel. First, the effects of carrier/active components mass ratio, calcination temperature and calcination time on catalytic activity were investigated aiming at biodiesel yield, and the optimal process conditions for preparation of KOH/CaO/C catalysts were: mass ratio of C/CaO was 4:6; KOH solution (mass concentration) was 25%; impregnation time was 24 h; drying temperature was 105°C and time was 4 h; calcination temperature was 500°C and time was 5 h. Then the complex catalysts prepared under the optimal conditions were applied to synthesize biodiesel, and the effects of dose of catalyst, reaction temperature, and reaction time on the yield of biodiesel were investigated. At last, the optimal process conditions for synthesis of biodiesel were concluded: methanol-oil ratio was 10:1; catalyst dose was 2% of that of soybean oil; reaction temperature was 65°C; reaction time was 5 h. The yield of as-prepared biodiesel could be 98%.

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Zhang, J. and Meng, Q. (2014) Preparation of KOH/CaO/C Supported Biodiesel Catalyst and Application Process. World Journal of Engineering and Technology, 2, 184-191. doi: 10.4236/wjet.2014.23020.

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