Effect of Diode Laser 810nm in Hardness of Dental Ceramic


This research study the effect of diode laser (810 nm), with various power (30, 200, 500) mW in hardness of the material used in the combinations of teeth (ceramics). Hardness was measured for dental ceramic samples divided into four groups, each group containing ten test sample, before and after it irradiated with the diode laser with wavelength 810 nm and different power (30, 200, 500) mW, with irradiation power of 200 mW for duration two minutes and ten minutes to the third and fourth groups, and irradiation power of 30 and 500 mW for duration one minute for the last two groups. The results showed that the increase in the irradiated time of the samples from two minutes to ten minutes, as well as increased power from 30 to 500 mW does not have a significant effect in increasing the hardness of the ceramic material. This study found that the hardness ratio of the samples was increased up to (18.28%), by irradiation of invisible diode laser 810 nm, 30 mW.

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Ahmed, M. , Abdelrahman, A. , Mohieldin, E. and Yagoub, S. (2014) Effect of Diode Laser 810nm in Hardness of Dental Ceramic. Optics and Photonics Journal, 4, 104-112. doi: 10.4236/opj.2014.45011.

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