Two Low Profile Unbalanced Fed Inverted L Elements on Square Conducting Plane for MIMO Applications


Two ultra low profile inverted L antennas located on the square conducting plane are numerically and experimentally analyzed as the multiple input multiple output (MIMO) antenna system. When the size of conducting plane is 0.45 λ by 0.45 λ and the height of antenna is 0.03 λ, the directive gain of 4.12 dBi and the return loss bandwidth of 3.67% are achieved. The proposed antenna has good diversity gain shown by the correlation coefficient, and becomes less than 0.02 at the frequency of 2.45 GHz band when the distance between inverted L elements is 0.33 λ. The results show the weak mutual coupling of the proposed antenna and its performances are promising as MIMO antenna applications.

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Rohadi, E. and Taguchi, M. (2014) Two Low Profile Unbalanced Fed Inverted L Elements on Square Conducting Plane for MIMO Applications. Wireless Engineering and Technology, 5, 34-43. doi: 10.4236/wet.2014.52005.

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