Optimization of Image Quality in Retrospective Respiratory-Gated Micro-CT for Quantitative Measurements of Lung Function in Free-Breathing Rats


Objective: To optimize scan time and X-ray dose with no loss of image quality for retrospectively gated micro-CT scans of free-breathing rats. Methods: Five free-breathing rats were scanned using a dynamic micro-CT scanner over 10 continuous gantry rotations (50 seconds and entrance dose of 0.28 Gy). The in-phase projection views were selected and reconstructed, representing peak inspiration and end expiration from all 10 rotations and progressively fewer rotations. A least error method was also used to ensure that all angular positions were filled. Image quality and reproducibility for physiological measurements were compared for the two techniques. Results: The least error approach underestimated the lung volume, air content in the lung at peak inspiration, and tidal volume. Other measurements showed no differences between the projection-sorting techniques. Conclusions: Seven gantry rotations (35 seconds and 0.2 Gy dose) proved to be the optimal protocol for both the in-phase images and the least error images.

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Ford, N. , Jeklin, A. , Yip, K. , Yohan, D. , Holdsworth, D. and Drangova, M. (2014) Optimization of Image Quality in Retrospective Respiratory-Gated Micro-CT for Quantitative Measurements of Lung Function in Free-Breathing Rats. Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering, 7, 157-172. doi: 10.4236/jbise.2014.74020.

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