Post Remediation Succession of Oil-Contaminated Landscapes of Taiga in West Siberia


This paper presents the results of the 10-years observations for the restoration of soil-vegetation cover of oil polluted taiga landscapes of Western Siberia after remediation. The author analyses some indicators of physical and chemical composition, properties of soils, the changes in species composition and correlation of ecological and biomorphological groups of species, and evaluates the changes in plant community methods of ecological bioindication. There has been revealed the influence on the direction of successional changes in environmental factors such as the situation in the macro-and-mesorelief, properties of soil and the composition of the original vegetation. There is an active oil-and-salt spread of contaminants in the soil adjacent parcels and their progressive eutrophication.

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S. Igorevich, S. Fedorovna and B. Khanifovna, "Post Remediation Succession of Oil-Contaminated Landscapes of Taiga in West Siberia," Natural Resources, Vol. 5 No. 1, 2014, pp. 1-4. doi: 10.4236/nr.2014.51001.

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