A cross-sectional study on the effects of occupational noise exposure on hypertension or cardiovascular among workers from automobile manufacturing company of Chongqing, China


For the past few years, noise pollution has been more and more serious, and it may lead to several diseases. While the humans expose to noise in quantity for a long time, their blood pressure will change, and even cause changes in cardiac function. In our study, we attempt to find the relationship between occupational noise and hypertension and impaired hearing, cardiac function. It may be helpful to obtain some useful information on occupational noise exposure of humans. The participants were divided into noisy group ≥90 dB (A) and non-noisy group ≤70 dB (A). We performed this research in an automobile manufacturing company of Chongqing, China during 2011-2012. Our study showed that there may be positive associations between occupational noise and hypertension and impaired hearing, but no conclusion can be drawn between occupational noise and ECG.


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Wang, S. , Qin, Q. , Liu, L. , Han, L. and Chen, Y. (2013) A cross-sectional study on the effects of occupational noise exposure on hypertension or cardiovascular among workers from automobile manufacturing company of Chongqing, China. Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering, 6, 1137-1142. doi: 10.4236/jbise.2013.612142.

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