Factors associated with stroke direct cost in francophone West Africa, Benin example


Background: In sub-Saharan Africa, stroke constitutes a public health issue. Few studies were conducted to assess the cost involved in its treatment. Objective: To determine the factors involved in direct cost of stroke in Cotonou-Benin. Method: It consists in a transversal and prospective research of economic type with analytical and descriptive aim. It was conducted from 20thFebruary 2011 to 30thSeptember 2011. The research dealt with 122 stroke patients. With regard to the economic approach, bottom-up was the data collection technique which was adopted. Cost was estimated not only based on the patient himself/herself but considering societal aspect. Cost estimation period was hospitalization period. Data analysis was conducted via software such as Epi info and SPSS. Results: Overall expenses in terms of direct cost varied from $144.9 to $9393.9; average expenses were $1030.1 ± $101.7. Patients aged 50 and above had higher stroke hospitalization cost ($1277.4) than those aged below 50 ($857.4) p = 0.001; male patients made more expenses than females (FCFA 1157.5 against $831.8) p = 0.01; direct cost of stroke was increased in proportion to neurological deficit (score NIHSS) p = 0.043. This cost was higher in cases of hemorrhagic stroke than ischemic stroke (FCFA $1375 against $1098) p = 0.002. Stroke direct cost was also increased in proportion to severance of disability level of patients. Stroke type (hemorrhagic) and RANKIN score were firmly correlated to stroke hospitalization cost. Conclusion: Stroke is very expensive for patientsin Benin and they constitute a burden for both patients and their family. There is a great need to increase awareness regarding risk factor control in order to reduce the cost involved in treating this malady.

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Gnonlonfoun, D. , Adoukonou, T. , Adjien, C. , Nkouei, E. , Houinato, D. , Avode, D. and Preux, P. (2013) Factors associated with stroke direct cost in francophone West Africa, Benin example. World Journal of Neuroscience, 3, 287-292. doi: 10.4236/wjns.2013.34039.

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