Pipeline structure Schnorr-Euchner Sphere Decoding Algorithm


We propose a pipeline structure for Schnorr-Euchner sphere decoding algorithm in this article. It divides the search tree of the original algorithm into blocks and executes the search from block to block. When one block search of a signal is over, the part in the pipeline structure that processes this block search can load another signal and search. Several signals can be processed at the same time in one pipeline. Blocks are arranged to lower the whole complexity in the way that the previously search blocks are the blocks those have more probability to generate the final solution. Simulation experiment results show the average process delay can drop to the range from 48.77% to 60.18% in a 4-by-4 antenna system with 16QAM modulation, or from 30.31% to 61.59% in a 4-by-4 antenna system with 64QAM modulation.

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Mao, X. , Wu, J. and Xiang, H. (2013) Pipeline structure Schnorr-Euchner Sphere Decoding Algorithm. Communications and Network, 5, 108-112. doi: 10.4236/cn.2013.53B2021.

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