Implementation of Wireless Gateway for Smart Home


In recent years, the ZigBee network has been rapid develop in smart home. In order to solve the interconnection problem between the ZigBee network and the internet in the smart home, a wireless home gateway based on embedded is designed and implemented in this paper. The gateway is made up of the main controller S3C2440, the ZigBee module JN5148 and the Wi-Fi module VT6656. It is capable of converting Wi-Fi protocol data or ZigBee protocol data, and transmitting them to each other. The paper describes the design and implementation process of the gateway hardware and software, introduces the Wi-Fi protocol data and the ZigBee protocol data conversion method, and solve the bottleneck caused by the two protocol different transmission rates. Then the performance of the gateway is tested, and the results indicate that the performance is stable, and the Wi-Fi–ZigBee gateway is completely meeting the needs of the smart home.

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Ni, Y. , Miao, F. , Liu, J. and Chai, J. (2013) Implementation of Wireless Gateway for Smart Home. Communications and Network, 5, 16-20. doi: 10.4236/cn.2013.51B005.

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