Theoretical Study of Electromagnetic Wave Propagation: Gaussian Bean Method


In this work, we present the study of electromagnetic wave propagation through a medium with a variable dielectric function using the concept of Gaussian Beam. First of all, we start with wave equation with which we obtain the solution in terms of the electric field and intensity distributions approximate to Gaussian Function, . With this, we analyze the dependency of r on Gaussian beam distribution spread, the distant from the axis at which the intensity of the beam distribution begins to fall at a given estimate of its peak value. The influence of the optimum beam waist wo and the beam spread on the intensity distribution will also be analyzed.

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Ugwu, E. , Ekpe, J. , Nnaji, E. and Uguru, E. (2013) Theoretical Study of Electromagnetic Wave Propagation: Gaussian Bean Method. Applied Mathematics, 4, 1466-1470. doi: 10.4236/am.2013.410198.

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