Comparative Study of Gold Concentration by Elutriation from Different Precious Metal Bearing Ores


Conventional methods for precious metals gravimetric concentration involve equipment such as shaking tables, centrifuging concentrators, jigs, trommels, or a combination of those. A less commonly used technique is elutriation, which represents an efficient, safe and low-cost method of separation. The goal of the present investigation was to make a comparative study of gold concentration by elutriation from different precious metal bearing ores: an oxide ore, a mineral consisting of a sulfide matrix, a mineral in which the precious metals are free and disseminated and a slimy and clayey black sand material. The best recoveries of precious metals by elutriation were attained for the free disseminated ore and for the black sands, obtaining gold recoveries of 70% and 96% respectively, with appreciable ratios of concentration as well.

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Encinas-Romero, M. , Tiburcio-Munive, G. and Valenzuela-García, J. (2013) Comparative Study of Gold Concentration by Elutriation from Different Precious Metal Bearing Ores. International Journal of Nonferrous Metallurgy, 2, 121-127. doi: 10.4236/ijnm.2013.24018.

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