Development of a Prototype Pots and Potsherds Kilns for Facilitating Ceramic Wares Firing in Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria


The purpose of this research is to design and produce a gas and wood fired kilns with waste pots and potsherds that are as efficient as electricity and gas operated kilns which are built using conventional refractory bricks. Waste pots and potsherds were collected from two different pot producing communities, that is, Ojah in Akoko Edo and Imiegba in Etsako Central Local Government Ares of Edo State. To determine the suitability of the sample pots and potsherds collected for the construction of the kilns, the following tests were carried out: shrinkage, porosity and insulating tests. Two kilns were designed and constructed, a gas and wood fired kilns. The firing space and the outer wall of the gas kiln were designed to be circular with one burner port using only potsherd and mortar without using whole pots. The wood kiln was designed to have circular internal firing chamber, two fire boxes and a chimney. The kilns were subjected to series of gloss firing with wood and gas as sources of fuel and the maturing temperatures were recorded. The efficiency of the kilns constructed revealed that they were capable of firing to temperature above 1200°C that was originally planned for it to be attained coupled with uniform heat distribution experienced without any indication of cold spot. These kilns are capable of sustaining the deficiency arising from lack of imported kilns that could be used to accomplish finished ceramic productions as it is being currently encountered in Nigerian tertiary institutions and cottage level industries.

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Ohimai, O. , Kashim, I. & Akinbogun, T. (2013). Development of a Prototype Pots and Potsherds Kilns for Facilitating Ceramic Wares Firing in Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria. Creative Education, 4, 475-483. doi: 10.4236/ce.2013.48069.

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