Application of ontologies to traceability in the dairy supply chain


Systems for tracking products through supply chains range from paper-based records maintained by producers, processors, and suppliers to sophisticated ICT-based solutions. In addition to supporting product traceability, ICTs may also support data capture, recording, storage, and sharing of traceability attributes on processing, genetics, inputs, disease/pest tracking and measurement of environmental variables. A key success factor for a traceability system is the capability to integrate and share information along the supply chain. ICT represents a tool to overcome integration problems, data fusion and information dissemination. In this paper we illustrate the application of ontology as a tool to model business processes and rules within an agri- food chain. The business case is represented by the Bovlac project: a scientific and technologic platform to trace fresh cheese production.

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Magliulo, L. , Genovese, L. , Peretti, V. and Murru, N. (2013) Application of ontologies to traceability in the dairy supply chain. Agricultural Sciences, 4, 41-45. doi: 10.4236/as.2013.45B008.

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