Surface Modification of PEEK-WC Membranes by Wet Phase Inversion for Ni(II) Adsorption


This work focuses on the preparation and characterization of flat sheet membrane based on modified polyether ether keetone (PEEK-WC). Additives, such as dibutyl phatalate (DBP) and diethyl hexyl phosphoric acid (DEHPA), were used to investigate their effect on membranes properties which are prepared by immersion precipitation. For that, several techniques were used to characterize membranes like thermal analyses, scanning electron microscopy and microanalyses. SEM pictures show versatile structures of the membranes from dense to porous membranes characterized by a sponge and finger like structure. Moreover, microanalyses of both surfaces, bottom and top surfaces show an aggregation of DEHPA at the top surface of the membrane. However, by adding dibutylphtalate, a well dispersion of the extractant was observed. Initially, micro-porous membranes were used in supported liquid membranes experiments for Ni(II) metal ions transports using diethyl hexyl phosphoric acid (DEHPA) as carrier. The extraction efficiency was very low about 28%, but enhanced by adding xylene to the organic phase. However, the modified membranes (with additives) by DBP and DEHPA were used on solid liquid extraction of Ni(II). The results show that by adding the plasticizer and the extractant, the efficiency of the system reached 63%.

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Bey, S. , Benamor, M. and Drioli, E. (2013) Surface Modification of PEEK-WC Membranes by Wet Phase Inversion for Ni(II) Adsorption. American Journal of Analytical Chemistry, 4, 33-39. doi: 10.4236/ajac.2013.47A005.

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