Effect of eyestalk ablation in Eriocheir sinensis on physiological and biochemical metabolism


Eyestalk ablation is the most common procedure to induce gonadic maturation of Eriocheir sinensis. In addition to reproduction, other physiological and metabolic processes are also affected by the removal of X-organ sinus complex located in the eyestalk. In this study, we studied physiological and biochemical effects of eyestalk ablation of E. sinensis, and the results were as follows. The amylase activity of male crabs with unilateral or bilateral eyestalk ablaion was increased with the days increasing, and the maximal value was on the 20th day (P < 0.05), while the amylase activity of female crabs did not change significantly. Both pepsin activity and trypsin activity of males and females didn’t have significant change. The total lipids of serum of male crabs were lower within the first 5 and 10 days (P < 0.05), and gradually recovered to initial level. Female crabs’ serum total lipids were higher than control group, and the maximum appeared in the middle of the experiment. The research results had certain guidance for scientific feeding and the proportion of artificial diet in the breeding of crabs with eyestalk ablation.

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Wu, J. , Kang, X. , Mu, S. and Tian, Z. (2013) Effect of eyestalk ablation in Eriocheir sinensis on physiological and biochemical metabolism. Agricultural Sciences, 4, 25-29. doi: 10.4236/as.2013.46A004.

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