Proposed score for occlusal-supporting ability


In our previous studies, we developed the normal periodontal ligament index (nPLI) and residual periodontal ligament index (rPLI) to estimate residual periodontal ligament support for individual teeth during treatment planning for partially edentulous patients. To illustrate the applicability of the nPLI and rPLI, an occlusal-supporting ability (OSA) score calculated using these indices for the remaining teeth corresponding to Eichner’s subclasses of partial edentulism was charted by numerically assessing the average occlusal support. This OSA score based on the nPLI and rPLI is proposed as a suitable tool for epidemiologic research on the progression of tooth loss and the survival of prostheses. The Ethics Committee for Epidemiologic Study of Hiroshima University approved the study protocol (No. 331).

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Abe, Y. , Nogami, K. , Mizumachi, W. , Tsuka, H. and Hiasa, K. (2013) Proposed score for occlusal-supporting ability. Open Journal of Stomatology, 3, 230-234. doi: 10.4236/ojst.2013.33040.

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