Thermostable alkaline protease production from Bacillus pumilus D-6 by using agro-residues as substrates


Proteases due to their wide range of applications in biotechnological processes have been the focus of intense research for many decades. However, from industrial application view point most of the available proteases lack desired properties; therefore, search for better and efficient thermostable alkaline proteases are always on. Bacillus pumilus D-6, isolated from dairy plant soil sample, in the current study produced protease which showed activity and stability at high alkaline pH (8-12) and high temperatures (70˚C-100˚C). Enzyme activity remained unfazed even in presence of inhibitors like Pb2+ and Hg2+ which are considered universal inhibitors of enzyme activity. Besides, the organism successfully utilized crude agriculture based substrates as carbon and nitrogen source and produced substantial enzyme titre.

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Kumar Bajaj, B. and Jamwal, G. (2013) Thermostable alkaline protease production from Bacillus pumilus D-6 by using agro-residues as substrates. Advances in Enzyme Research, 1, 30-36. doi: 10.4236/aer.2013.12003.

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