Survival Probability of the Quantum Walk with Phase Parameters on the Two-Dimensional Trapped Lattice


We investigate the time dependence of the survival probability of quantum walks governed by Fibonacci walks with phase parameters on the trapped two-dimensional lattice. We have shown that the survival probability of the quantum walk decays with time obey to the stretched exponential law for all initial states of walkers. We have also shown that stretched exponential decay parameter β can be arranged by phase parameter combination. Obtained numerical results show that phase parameters can be used as a control parameter to determine the decay rate of the survival probability of the quantum walk.

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Ampadu, C. , Gönülol, M. and Aydıner, E. (2013) Survival Probability of the Quantum Walk with Phase Parameters on the Two-Dimensional Trapped Lattice. Journal of Quantum Information Science, 3, 51-56. doi: 10.4236/jqis.2013.32010.

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