A System for Road Pavement Composite Material Deformation


For a comprehensive experimental evaluation of the material quality, forecast of the properties and parameter change of the bituminous material was made at the time under the impact of external factors, they are subjected to the necessary tests. In the article the automated set Tomsk-Asphalt-Test for determining the elastic modulus of the specimens made of bituminous materials was used in road pavements, maximally close to natural conditions of operation of highways of the Siberian region inRussiaare described. The automated set contains: electromechanical, climate, electronic, PC and software subsystem. The operation principle is a short-time deformation of the asphalt specimens; measurement of physical values: the stress, strain, variation of the size line and temperature of the asphalt pavement material test specimen, converting the measured values into electrical signals, their program processing and visualization. The control of testing and viewing results of measurements is carried out in accordance with the menu software subsystem. The results of calculations: the maximum values of vertical load the difference between the maximum horizontal deformation value and the value measured last after specimen of asphalt material loading for each test cycle, the sum of the differences of the horizontal deformation values of the two sensors and modulus of elasticity.

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V. Basuev, V. Venik, Y. Rybin and A. Efa, "A System for Road Pavement Composite Material Deformation," Engineering, Vol. 4 No. 12A, 2012, pp. 958-965. doi: 10.4236/eng.2012.412A121.

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