Four Common Properties of Repairable Systems Calculated with the Boltzmann-Like Entropy


Gnedenko, the father of the modern Reliability Theory, first derived some fundamental properties of reliable systems following rigid deductive logic. This paper shares the deductive method and infers four principal properties of repairable/maintainable systems using the Boltzmann-like entropy. In particular we calculate the reparability function and next discuss the physical meanings of the formal results. Lastly we comment on the broad range of applications and researches which can relate to this study.

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P. Rocchi and G. Tsitsiashvili, "Four Common Properties of Repairable Systems Calculated with the Boltzmann-Like Entropy," Applied Mathematics, Vol. 3 No. 12A, 2012, pp. 2026-2031. doi: 10.4236/am.2012.312A279.

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