Societal Perception of Communication Strategies among Married Couples in Nsukka, South-Eastern, Nigeria


When communication between couples becomes strained or even non-existent, the entire foundation of the relationship is affected. The purpose of this study therefore was to examine communication strategies that will improve couple’s relationships. Data were gathered from 197 couples of Igbo ethnic group using a 20-item scale measuring societal perception of married couples. Results showed that about half of the respondents (51.1%) were able to identify strategies couples can take to reduce misunderstanding in marriage relationship. The study also revealed that 53.2% of the respondents were of the opinion that culture has an influence on effective communication among couples. A major implication of the findings is the need to focus mainly on improving marital relationship through application of effective communication strategies by couples.

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Iyiani, C. & Ngwu, C. (2012). Societal Perception of Communication Strategies among Married Couples in Nsukka, South-Eastern, Nigeria. Sociology Mind, 2, 401-406. doi: 10.4236/sm.2012.24053.

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