Advanced Localization of Mobile Terminal in Cellular Network


The growing diffusion of pervasive collaboration environments and technical advancement of sensing technologies have fostered the development of a new wave of online services whose functionalities are based on users’ physical position. Thanks to the widespread diffusion of mobile devices (e.g. cell phones), many services can be greatly enriched with data reporting where people are, how they are moving, or whether they are close by specific locations. Geolocation of mobile terminals relies on the cellular network infrastructure and protocols to provide a reliable and accurate estimate of mobile terminals’ position, without the need of global positioning systems, such as GPS. In this paper, we present a novel lookup table correlation technique for geolocation, with multiple position estimations and optimal location techniques. Our approach provides high precise location and tracking of mobile terminals by exploiting advanced propagation models for mobile radio networks design, and by querying Geographical Information Systems (GIS), in conjunction with Kalman predictive filtering.

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ANISETTI, M. , ARDAGNA, C. , BELLANDI, V. , DAMIANI, E. and REALE, S. (2008) Advanced Localization of Mobile Terminal in Cellular Network. International Journal of Communications, Network and System Sciences, 1, 95-103. doi: 10.4236/ijcns.2008.11013.

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