The Design of Circular Microstrip Patch Antenna by Using Quasi-Newton Algorithm of ANN


The paper presents the Quasi Newton model of Artificial Neural Network for design of circular microstrip antenna (MSA). In this model, a closed form expression is used for accurate determination of the resonant frequency of circular microstrip patch antenna. The calculated resonant frequency results are in good agreement with the experimental results reported elsewhere. The results show better agreement with the trained and tested data of ANN models. The results are verified by the experimental results to produce accurate ANN models. This presents ANN model practically as an alternative method to the detailed electromagnetic design of circular microstrip antenna.

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A. Mishra, G. Janvale, B. Pawar and P. Patil, "The Design of Circular Microstrip Patch Antenna by Using Quasi-Newton Algorithm of ANN," Journal of Electromagnetic Analysis and Applications, Vol. 2 No. 7, 2010, pp. 444-449. doi: 10.4236/jemaa.2010.27058.

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