Break Up of N-Soliton Bound State in a Gradient Refractive Index Waveguide with Nonlocal Nonlinearity


We study the propagation of N-soliton bound state in a triangular gradient refractive index waveguide with nonlocal nonlinearity. The study is based on the direct numerical solutions of the model and subsequent eigenvalues evolution of the corresponding Zakharov-Shabat spectral problem. In the waveguide with local nonlinearity, the velocity of a single soliton is found to be symmetric around zero and therefore the soliton oscillates periodically inside the waveguide. If the nonlocality is presence in the medium, the periodic motion of soliton is destroyed due to the soliton experiences additional positive acceleration induced by the nonlocality. In the waveguide with the same strength of nonlocality, a higher amplitude soliton experiences higher nonlocality effects, i.e. larger acceleration. Based on this soliton behavior we predict the break up of N-soliton bound state into their single-soliton constituents. We notice that the splitting process does not affect the amplitude of each soliton component.

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Darti, I. , Suhariningsih, S. , Marjono, M. and Suryanto, A. (2012) Break Up of N-Soliton Bound State in a Gradient Refractive Index Waveguide with Nonlocal Nonlinearity. Optics and Photonics Journal, 2, 178-184. doi: 10.4236/opj.2012.23027.

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