Voltage profile generation for simultaneous multi-protein detection in western blot analysis


Western blotting is a popular technique for examining expression levels of proteins using gel-based electrophoretic fractionation followed by blotting and antibody reactions. Although this is a mature technique, one of the major limitations is the need to prepare an individual electrophoretic gel for each of the protein species to be analyzed. Since most analyses require the detection of multiple protein species, a procedure that allows utilization of a single gel for detecting multiple protein species should significantly save time and resources. In this paper, we developed a novel multiprotein detection device, which enabled simultaneous detection of several proteins species from a single electrophoretic gel. In this device, a protein transfer unit utilized a multi-anode plate that generated a non-uniform voltage profile. This voltage profile enabled uniform transfer regardless of molecular mass of proteins. In vitro experiments using samples, isolated from boneforming osteoblast cells, showed that the expression levels of 5 - 7 different proteins were detectable in the presence and absence of mechanical stimulation that activated genes necessary for bone formation. The result supports the notion that through simultaneous detection of multiple protein species, the described device contributes to reduction in procedural time and sample amounts, as well as a removal of variations among multiple gels.

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Blair, M. , Wanis, M. , Swarnkar, G. , Yokota, H. and Chien, S. (2012) Voltage profile generation for simultaneous multi-protein detection in western blot analysis. Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering, 5, 542-547. doi: 10.4236/jbise.2012.59067.

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