Experimental antithrombotic effect of potatoes harvested in the autumn


Prevention of arterial thrombotic diseases has a high priority in developed countries. While an inappropriate diet is known to enhance the risk for acute thrombotic events, a regular diet with proven antithrombotic effects might be beneficial in the prevention of such diseases. The present study is part of a series of investigations aimed to assess the possible antithrombotic activity of various fruits and vegetables. Previously we demonstrated antithrombotic effect of specific potato varieties harvested in the spring. The present study aimed to test seven varieties of potatoes, which were harvested in the autumn. The in vitro Global Thrombosis Test (GTT) was used for selection, which was then followed by the He-Ne laser-induced in vivo thrombosis test in mice treated with potato filtrates orally. We have shown that all seven potato varieties showed some antithrombotic effect and the heat-resistant effect of four varieties was highly significant. Our present findings add further components to a diet containing fruits and vegetables with antithrombotic effect.

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Yamamoto, J. , Masuda, M. , Hyodo, K. and Iwasaki, M. (2012) Experimental antithrombotic effect of potatoes harvested in the autumn. Health, 4, 108-112. doi: 10.4236/health.2012.42017.

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