Hydrological seasonality of cape Ghir filament in morocco


The filament of cape Ghir is characterized by a spatial and temporal variability relating to circulation of the water masses of the zone and current velocity of canaries current. The activity of resurgences of cape Ghir appears from April, intensifies during August and June and still persists in October during 2009. During the season of summer and autumn, the filamentous structure is marked by the presence of an activity of important resurgences. In August, the filament is restricted on one branch and appears in limited area of cape Ghir. In autumn, the filament structure fellow several branches toward different directions between cape Ghir and cape Sim.

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Makaoui, A. , Orbi, A. , Arestigui, J. , Azzouz, A. , Laarissi, J. , Agouzouk, A. and Hilmi, K. (2012) Hydrological seasonality of cape Ghir filament in morocco. Natural Science, 4, 5-13. doi: 10.4236/ns.2012.41002.

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