Translational research in acupuncture—teleacupuncture bridges science and practice
Gerhard Litscher
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In March 2009, the first teleacupuncture between China and Austria was performed. This publica-tion summarizes the first important results. 24- hour electrocardiograms were registered in Bei-jing and analyzed in Graz. A heart rate variability monitor partly developed in Austria was used for recording. Data were transferred via internet over a distance of 7,650 km. For the spectral analysis of heart rate variability a new method, the so-called ‘Fire of Life’ illustration, was ap-plied. The state of health of a 31-year-old patient before, during and after acupuncture treatment sessions was documented. Despite several limi- tations, transcontinental teleacupuncture opens up new possibilities in public health.

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Litscher, G. (2010) Translational research in acupuncture—teleacupuncture bridges science and practice. Health, 2, 16-19. doi: 10.4236/health.2010.21003.

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