Investigations into Capacity of MIMO Ad Hoc Network Including Effects of Antenna Mutual Coupling
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This paper reports on investigations into capacity of ad hoc network whose nodes are equipped with multiple element antennas (MEAs). The investigation of this multi-user Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) system takes into account mutual coupling (MC) in addition to spatial correlation that is present in array antennas. A closed-form expression for an upper bound of mutual information (capacity) of MIMO ad hoc network is derived. An optimal signal transmission scheme is proposed to maximize the MIMO ad hoc network capacity. Simulation results for capacity of non-optimized and optimized cases of signal transmission are presented.

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LIU, X. , BIALKOWSKI, M. , WANG, F. and HUNCHANGSITH, K. (2009) Investigations into Capacity of MIMO Ad Hoc Network Including Effects of Antenna Mutual Coupling. Wireless Sensor Network, 1, 425-433. doi: 10.4236/wsn.2009.15051.

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