Stochastic Modeling on Drug Efficacy in Self Drug Administration Health Problems
P. Tirupathi Rao, M. Venkateswaran, R. Vishnu Vardhan
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Evaluation of drug impact both on positive and negative sides is very important to monitor the drug administration during the treatment. The effectiveness of drug is a variable due to various chance and assignable causes. Evaluation of drug efficacy through conventional mathematical modeling is the existing practice. In this paper we proposed a Stochastic model for measuring the drug efficacy for Non-Clinical and short term drug administration practices. Sensitivity analysis is carried out to observe the model behavior. Development of computer software and desktop templates to this model will provide effective decision support systems for health caretakers.

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P. Tirupathi Rao, M. Venkateswaran and R. Vishnu Vardhan, "Stochastic Modeling on Drug Efficacy in Self Drug Administration Health Problems," Journal of Service Science and Management, Vol. 4 No. 4, 2011, pp. 491-498. doi: 10.4236/jssm.2011.44056.

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