Electron-Irradiation and Photo-Excitation Darkening and Bleaching of Yb Doped Silica Fibers: Comparison
Alexander V. Kir’yanov
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We report a comparative experimental study of the attenuation spectra transformations for a series of Yb doped alumino-germano silicate fibers with different contents of Yb3+ dopants, which arise as the result of irradiation either by a beam of high-energy electrons or by resonant (into the 977-nm absorption peak of YbYb3+ ions) optical pumping. The experimental data obtained reveal that in the two circumstances, substantial and complex but different in appearance changes occur within the resonant absorption band of YbYb3+ ions and in the off-resonance background loss of the fibers. Possible mechanisms responsible for these spectral changes are discussed.

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A. Kir’yanov, "Electron-Irradiation and Photo-Excitation Darkening and Bleaching of Yb Doped Silica Fibers: Comparison," Optics and Photonics Journal, Vol. 1 No. 4, 2011, pp. 155-166. doi: 10.4236/opj.2011.14026.

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