Alternative UV Sensors Based on Color-Changeable Pigments
Martina Vikova, Michal Vik
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Photochromism is a chemical process in which a compound undergoes a reversible change between two states having separate absorption spectra, i.e. different color [1]. In our previous work we have published some solutions of problems of measuring photochromic textile sample by standard commercial spectrophotometric systems [2]. Main problem with measurement of kinetic behavior of photochromic pigments by standard spectrophotometer is relatively long time period between individual measurements (5 s) and impossibility of measuring whole color change during exposure without interruption of illumination of sample during measurement. It means, standard commercial spectrophotometers enable off-line measurement of kinetic behavior during exposure period and quasi on-line measurement during reversion period. Based on this problem, it is only possible to obtain precise data during reversion—decay process and growth process (exposure) is affected by high variability of data. Following this knowledge, we developed original experimenttal system with short time scanning of color change of photochromic samples during growth and decay period of color change. In this study it is presented new view on the relationship between intensity of UV-A radiation and color change half-life t1/2. Via this relation, it is demonstrated the possibility of the flexible textile-based sensors construction in the area of the radiation intensity identification.

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M. Vikova and M. Vik, "Alternative UV Sensors Based on Color-Changeable Pigments," Advances in Chemical Engineering and Science, Vol. 1 No. 4, 2011, pp. 224-230. doi: 10.4236/aces.2011.14032.

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