hat regulate on preservation of tourism objects, retribution, and cultural heritage. As for actors of tourism, it is necessary to provide them with education and training on professionalism in tourism sector. And it is also necessary for government to continuously promote tourism objects both in printed and electronic media.

2) For community around tourism object of Marina beach

It is expected for community to preserve tourism objects, in this term is Marina beach, by not making graffiti on gazebo and other resting places, by not making trouble that bring conflict between local community and tourists.

3) For tourists

It is expected for tourists to preserve tourism object of Marina beach, to respect local custom and tradition, to restrain from littering that can contaminate tourism area and damage the ecosystem, and to restrain from smoking in public places.

2. Based on (internal and external) supporting and inhibiting factors of the strategy by local government in tourism development of Marina beach, Bantaeng regency, South Sulawesi province:

a) The most significant internal supporting factor to be exploited in tourism development is the large number of tourism objects that can be developed and maximized, which one of them is Marina beach, and that can be used to increase local income of Bantaeng regency, to create new vacancies and to increase economic growth of local community for their welfare.

b) The most significant external supporting factor to be exploited in tourism development is the power of deep-rooted and preserved cultural values as an asset to support tourism development of Marina beach.

c) The internal inhibiting factor to be minimized first is the low quality of human resources of Tourism Office, since only 1 staff with educational background of tourism, while it is urgently necessary to have sufficient human resources with innovation on tourism development in the future.

d) The external inhibiting factor to be responded first is the low awareness of tourists to preserve tourism objects, which is indicated by graffiti on gazebo and other resting places, littering, and smoking in at public places, etc.

3. Based on efforts to overcome (internal and external) inhibiting factors of the strategy by local government in tourism development of Marina beach, Bantaeng regency, South Sulawesi province:

a) Efforts to overcome internal inhibiting factors should be carried out orderly step-by-step, first is to improve quality of human resources (the staff) with expectation to be able to make planning on financial optimization, providing better facilities and infrastructures so that tourism development can be achieved optimally for the welfare of the region and community of Bantaeng regency.

b) Efforts to overcome external inhibiting factors are to provide legal umbrella or regulation on preservation of tourism objects and cultural heritage, to give strict sanction to tourists who disregard the regulations, and to make tourists understand on the importance of preserving the tourism objects.

Conflicts of Interest

The authors declare no conflicts of interest.


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