Maximizing Resilient Throughput in Peer-to-Peer Network
Bo Liu, Fan Qiu, Yanchuan Cao, Bin Chang, Yi Cui, Yuan Xue
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A unique challenge in P2P network is that the peer dynamics (departure or failure) cause unavoidable disruption to the downstream peers. While many works have been dedicated to consider fault resilience in peer selection, little understanding is achieved regarding the solvability and solution complexity of this problem from the optimization perspective. To this end, we propose an optimization framework based on the generalized flow theory. Key concepts introduced by this framework include resilience factor, resilience index, and generalized throughput, which collectively model the peer resilience in a probabilistic measure. Under this framework, we divide the domain of optimal peer selection along several dimensions including network topology, overlay organization, and the definition of resilience factor and generalized flow. Within each sub-problem, we focus on studying the problem complexity and finding optimal solutions. Simulation study is also performed to evaluate the effectiveness of our model and performance of the proposed algorithms.

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B. Liu, F. Qiu, Y. Cao, B. Chang, Y. Cui and Y. Xue, "Maximizing Resilient Throughput in Peer-to-Peer Network," Communications and Network, Vol. 3 No. 3, 2011, pp. 168-183. doi: 10.4236/cn.2011.33021.

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