Optical Properties of RF Sputtered Samarium Oxide Thin Films


This paper reports the optical properties of prepared samarium oxide Sm2O3 thin films nanoparticles using RF sputtering technique. X-ray diffraction is used to examine and characterize the prepared films. Optical measurements are carried out by employing U-V-Visible spectroscopy to study optoelectronic properties of Sm2O3 thin films. These films are highly transparent in the visible range. The average value of the optical gap belonging to the thin films deposited under different pressure of the gas is 4.33 eV. The refractive index (n) behaves as normal dispersion and decreases with increasing the pressure of the gas. The dispersion energy and single oscillator energy increase with increasing the pressure of the gas whereas the optical conductivity decreases with increasing the power on Sb target.

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El-Raheem, M. , Bogami, M. , Al-Baradi, A. , Amin, S. , El-Naggar, A. and Albassam, A. (2015) Optical Properties of RF Sputtered Samarium Oxide Thin Films. Open Access Library Journal, 2, 1-12. doi: 10.4236/oalib.1102065.

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